10 Gifts From Your Dogs to You, This Singles Day3 min read

Let’s face it, our pups are our children. We feed them. We take them to the doctor. We play with them, and care for them when they don’t feel well. Every dog owner should be celebrated on this very special day. Your dog knows that! This Singles Day, we’re celebrating you by sharing 10 items we know your dog would be wagging their tails to give to their one and only.

Best Dog Mom Ever

1. Best Dog Mom Ever Bracelet

This wonderful gift says “I woof you” from your favorite pooch. The silver tones and design are classy, elegant, and pair well with a variety of clothing. If your dog could, this would be one of the first Mother’s Gifts they would offer the very best mother they could ask for.

2. Best Dog Mom Ever Mug

A classic mug that all mothers love receiving that says “Best Dog Mom Ever”. In your dog’s eyes, you are the best mom any dog could have. They love celebrating your awesomeness every time you walk in the room. This mug is a message from them to you, every time you sip coffee or tea.

Where is My Lovable Mutt?

3. Dog Lover Gift – Coffee Mug:”I Just Want To Drink Coffee And Pet My Dog” 

Do you remember those cozy Saturday mornings? The ones where rain is falling outside, you feel well rested, and are happy to snuggle with your favorite dog? Your dog loves those mornings too. After reading your mind, your dog would be happy to give you this snarky mug – perfect for home or the office.

4. “It’s Not Drinking Alone if the Dog is Home” Wine Glass

After a long week at work, your dog understands that a night in can be the perfect treat. Kick your feet up and enjoy this wine glass, made in the USA. Put on a movie, enjoy a glass of wine, and cuddle with your furriest friend.

Some Dog Lovin’

5. Valentine’s Day Dog Shower Curtain

Start your day with a refreshing shower and a reminder of your dog’s love. This quirky and cute shower curtain feels welcoming and fun. In case your dog thinks this design is perfect for your bathroom, and you don’t, there are 38 other designs to choose from. 😉

6. I Love My Dog Picture Frame

You miss your dog while at work all day – he knows it’s true. This would be the perfect gift from your dog to you. Every day in the kitchen, at your desk, or in the living room you can remember the loving bond between you and your best four-legged friends.

True Dog Love

7. A True Friend Keychain

For those that have lost a furry friend, know that they are with you for life. Leave this keychain hanging from your car keys or hanging from a wall. It will remind you that you are never alone, and your furry friends of the past and present are always in your heart.

8. I Love Dogs My Best Friend Women Hoodie

Represent your love for your dog everyday by snuggling up in this comfortable hoodie every night. This soft and cozy sweatshirt is perfect for a neighborhood run or a late movie night. This is also an excellent gift for the other dog mom’s in your life.

For the Home

9. Drink Coasters for Wine Enthusiasts & Dog Lovers

Your dog knows you better than you think! These cute coasters are great gifts for wine and dog lovers who know their dog understands to a “T”. Protect your furniture with these fun coasters that spice up any weeknight.

10. Dog Door Stopper, 5 by 6-Inch

We all know the importance of a dog’s love and presence to the warmth of a home. This perfectly sized door stopper keeps your doors open to that warmth. This door stopper aligns perfectly with a variety of décor with its sleek and modern look.

Start sharing the perfect gifts with your furry friend too!

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