Dog Toy Guide: 5 DIY Dog Toys that Won’t Break the Bank2 min read

Buying new dog toys to keep your dog engaged and entertained throughout the day can be expensive. Instead, build your own dog toys with some of these quick, easy, and affordable ideas. In some cases, you will need leftover boxes. In other cases, you may need to buy rope. Either way, the time you put into building your own dog toys will warm your heart and keep more change in your pocket.

Sweet Potato Rope Dog Toy

Indestructible, Tasty, Medium Difficulty.

This is a tasty treat that your dog is sure to want time and time again. Simply dry a sweet potato, slice it and attach it to a sturdy rope. Your dog will enjoy the special taste of the sweet potato, and the rough grip of the rope. After trying sweet potatoes, try this toy out with zucchini or carrots. See the instructions here.

Dog Boredom Buster Toy

Engaging, Tasty, Easy Difficulty.

When you have extra toilet paper rolls left around the house store them up for this fun, and incredibly easy dog toy. Place several empty toilet paper rolls vertically into a bowl with high edges and a flat bottom. Place a few treats at the bottom of the bowl, and let your dog’s hunt begin! See the instructions here.

Crinkly Sock

Interactive, Crinkly, Easy Difficulty.

After you have finished hydrating, offer your dog the bottle in an old sock. The sock offers your dog more comfort as they engage in long-lasting crinkly play. Exchange the water bottle after some time to extend gameplay.



Cooling, Delicious, Very Easy.

Place chicken or beef broth in an ice cube tray. Freeze the ice cube tray overnight and place the frozen broth cubes in their dog bowl or on the sidewalk outside; as the cubes melt they will make a mess! Improve these by adding in chew treats or pieces of dog food in the ice cube tray before freezing. This cooling treat is a must in the summer.


A Plastic Milk Jug

Fetch, Chewy, Very Easy.

A milk jug alone can be used to chew on, toss, or play fetch with. This simple left over kitchen article can keep your dog entertain for hours. Spice up this toy by adding a few treats or dog food pieces inside for mental stimulation.

Tired of building your own dog toys? Instead, buy a new one today!

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