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4 Fall Inspired No Bake Dog Treats to Try This Weekend

Fall calls for pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cinnamon strudels.๐Ÿ๐Ÿฅงย  Try these 4 fall inspired, flavorful ‘no bake’ dog treats this weekend. These dog treats are ready in under 30 minutes. Bond and cozy up with your pup this Fall season. Each of these is natural and easy to make without hassle or stress: ‘No Bake’ Pumpkin Spice Dog Treat Balls (Chewy!) ‘No Bake’ Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats ‘No Bake’ Sweet Potato .

Why do dogs eat grass…? And More!

There is a lot of dog behavior that remain a mystery. For example, why do dogs eat grass? Why do dogs lick their paws? Why do dogs pant? Luckily, we have answers to a few of the very odd things they do. They give us insight into whether our dogs are sick or missing key nutrients. Click to skip to the following questions: Why do dogs eat grass? Why do dogs lick their paws? .