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Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs that are perfect for families and active couples. Golden retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America and are considered to be one of the top five smartest dog breeds. Unfortunately, their intelligence can make it tough to find the best toys for golden retrievers. 

Golden retrievers were originally bred to hunt wildfowl across both water and land. This is why Golden retrievers tend to love swimming in water! As retrievers, they enjoy carrying toys in their mouths and playing a game of fetch.

We’ve compiled some of the best toys for golden retrievers based on their genetic makeup and personality.

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1. Puzzle Games

Golden retrievers are a very intelligent breed. Difficult puzzles can be a nice challenge for them mentally. Dog puzzles can keep them occupied over longer periods of time. We also recommend dog puzzles for golden retrievers because they will have to use their sense of smell to “track” down the tasty treat. They are a perfect fit for the intelligent breed.


Kong Floating Training Toy

2. Water Toys

Golden retrievers were bred to cross wetlands composed of water and land to track and retrieve hunted birds. For this reason, golden retrievers still enjoy swimming in water – and are exceptionally great at it! Whether they are enjoying a kiddie pool or a lake, your dog will love to play fetch with floating toys they can retrieve from the water.

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3. Fetch Dog Toys

Tap into your dog’s instincts with a game of fetch. Using a flying disc or a football to play fetch is a perfect exercise for golden retrievers. There are automated ball launchers that make it easier to play long games of fetch. Although a classic game connects you to your dog even more.

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4. Agility Kits

Golden retrievers are excellent runners and have a lot of energy. They are smart and quick to adapt. Use an agility kit to challenge your dog mentally and burn some energy. Once they get the hang of it, you can compete in competitions or simply show off to friends. Make sure the agility kit you purchase is an adequate size for your dog.

goDog Dragons

5. A Plush Toy to Carry

Retrievers are familiar with carrying things in their mouths. Typically, golden retrievers like to carry a plush toy, ball, or a newspaper around in their mouth. This soft dragon is a cute addition to your dog’s toy collection, and it’s the perfect size for carrying.

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Bonus: Dog Backpacks

Golden retrievers are perfect hiking partners. They are friendly and don’t disturb other animals or people visiting the path. Golden retrievers also have the energy and stamina to keep up with you! Give your dog a job – holding the snacks or water for your hike or run. Your dog will get their daily exercise and enjoy having a job.

What dog toy is your golden retrievers favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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