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Why Do a Dog DNA Test?

  • Protect your pup from potential health issues

Most dog owners try dog DNA testing in order to identify their dog’s breed. This protects their dog from any potential health issues associated with their breed. For example, poodles are predisposed to alopecia, Golden Retrievers are predisposed to hip dysplasia, and Rottweilers are predisposed to gastrointestinal conditions. Ultimately, knowing your dog’s breed can help you with disease prevention early on in your dog’s life.

  • Use the Dog DNA Test results to support dog adoptions

Dog DNA test results can be used to make the adoption process faster. When people are searching for the right dog for them, they typically want to adopt a dog dominating in a specific breed. Using dog DNA testing, you can use science to prove the mixed dog’s dominant breed. This can help new dog owners find the right dog for them even faster.

  • Better understand your puppy’s fit for your lifestyle

When you know your dog’s breed, you can better understand if they are a good fit for your lifestyle. Knowing that your small dog is a terrier, prepares you for their boundless energy. When you know your dog’s dominant breed is an English setter, you will discover their favorite game to be fetch because of their hunter breeding.

  • Satisfy your curiosity!

Lastly, dog DNA testing can help you finally satisfy your curiosity. Discover new conversation pieces for dog park visits. Dog DNA testing helps you finally settle your family’s score about what breed your dog is.

How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

The DNA tests use cheek cells from your dog’s mouth to test for certain DNA markers that identify your dog’s breed. After your dog’s cheek swab, the sample will be sent to a lab and the DNA will be extracted for key markers that are analyzed by a computer algorithm that determines your dog’s breed.

Dog DNA Testing - How it Works

How Much Does Dog DNA Testing Cost?

The cost of dog DNA testing varies depending on the test chosen. The price range can start from about $68 to $200+.

How Accurate is Dog DNA Testing?

Dog DNA testing is incredibly accurate! The primary breed identified is often always the same regardless of the dog DNA test used. Unfortunately, when it comes to tertiary breeds, inaccuracy does arise. Although typically, primary and secondary dog breeds are identified with high accuracy.

Which Is the Best Dog DNA Test?

There are many dog DNA tests available on the market. It is important to read the reviews and features of the at-home dog DNA tests to make sure they are the best fit for you. Luckily, we’ve compiled the top dog DNA tests available on the market to make the hunt easier for you.

Embark Dog DNA Testing

Embark Dog DNA Test

Price: $199.00 | 4.7 Rating

The Embark Dog DNA Test is the most expensive option for at-home dog DNA testing, but the price is well worth it! This dog DNA test is one of our favorites because it includes an analysis for genetic conditions and indicates a dog’s ancestry back to their grandparents.

Our Favorite Review:

“…Embark is superior to Mars in the amount and depth of analysis provided, especially the health analysis. All in all, I’m inclined to favor Mars for faster, lower cost results delivery. However, if time and price are not an issue, then Embark provides the most comprehensive, informative, and interesting results.”

  • Brain


  • Tracks 200,000 Genetic Markers
  • Tests for 160+ Genetic Conditions
    • Including MDR1 sensitivity, PRA blindness, exercise induced collapse and more…
  • Certified by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
  • Detects Back to Dog’s Grandparents

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test - Dog DNA Testing

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Price: $79.99 | 4.2 Rating

Mars Veterinary is another excellent dog DNA test alternative. Your dog’s DNA results return in two to three weeks regardless of whether they are mixed breed or designer dogs. When you receive your results, you will know your dog’s breed results from a database of over 250 dog breeds.

Our Favorite Review:

“Was so happy we did this. No more questioning what kind of puppy we got. Though we were told she was Pomeranian/terrier we knew that was wrong when she started growing at light speed.. come to find out shes 50% German Shepherd and a mix of Collie and Border Collie. That’s more like it. Not our 20lb puppy we were expecting but we love her. Rescue is still always the best.”

  • Sharon


  • Tests for 1,800 genetic markers
  • Tests for MDR1 genetic mutation
  • Offers adult weight range prediction
  • Offers nutrition and diet recommendations
  • Detects Back to Dog’s Grandparents

Dog DNA Testing – Canine Breed Identification Test

Dog DNA – Canine Breed Identification Test

Price: $59.97 | 3.4 Rating

The Dog DNA Canine Breed Identification Test identifies your dog’s breeds and health predispositions based on their breed. This is a simple Dog DNA test that offers you an indication of your dog’s breed based on a simple cheek swab. Luckily, this test returns your dog’s results in a matter of only two weeks!

Our Favorite Review:

“I was so excited to find out the various breeds of dogs that are tied to my puppy Simba. The turn around was quick and now I know my puppy is part boxer part dachshund😊”

  • Michelle D


  • Receive an overview about your dog’s primary breeds
  • Receive a certificate confirming your dog’s DNA analysis
  • Results are returned in only two weeks
  • Learn more about your dog’s predisposition to disease

The Dog Encyclopedia

Old School Alternative: The Dog Encyclopedia

Price: $40.00 | 4.6 Rating

If you decide that a dog DNA test is not the best fit for you, try a dog breed encyclopedia instead. You can use this book to estimate the mixture of dog breeds your dog is composed of. This book includes information about each dog breed’s history, health needs, and best training methods for over 400 dog breeds.

Explore your DNA Dog Testing Options on Amazon!

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