The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Families3 min read

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Family dogs have calm demeanor. Often these dog breeds are patient enough to withstand the energy of young children. Dog breeds best for families are easier to train for busier families. For those in apartments or those with large farmsteads, here are four family dog breeds in every size.


basset hounds_dog breeds Basset Hound (Small Dog Breed):

Basset Hounds are a great match for families. Often, you can see friendly Basset Hounds walking along their normal route or excited to see children playing nearby. Basset Hounds are loyal and affectionate. This dog breed’s droopy ears and eyes are characteristic of small statured welcoming friends. Although lazy at times, Basset Hounds need exercise. This dog breed enjoys food and tasty dog treats (regardless of their diet), so an active lifestyle is important to prevent obesity. Although Basset Hounds can be difficult due to their independence and stubbornness, using treats and patience can make dog training process enjoyable. Luckily, Basset Hounds are wonderful family dogs because they are content to lovingly lay on their owner’s laps.

beagle_dog breed

Beagles (Medium Dog Breed):

Beagles are another affectionate family dog that loves playing, running, and exploring the outdoors. Less active, or very busy families may want to choose a different breed, because Beagles require a lot of exercise. This hunting dog is characterized as being difficult to train, but Beagles are easy to train at a young age. For example, while walking your Beagle, you may find they have a “selective deafness” about them when they catch an interesting smell. Beagles are great for families because children will have a friend to play with when young, and a partner to continue staying active with as they get older.


golden retriever_dog breeds

Golden Retriever (Large Dog Breed):

One of the most classically known and depicted in films, Golden Retrievers are well known as trustworthy and loyal family dogs. Golden retrievers are easy to train, kind with strangers and children, and have a calm and loving temperament. The Golden Retriever is best for larger families that enjoy being active, but with a few walks in the day can easily lead lives in apartments. Golden retrievers don’t mind being very active though. They often enjoy hiking, walking, swimming, fetching, and playing; all kinds of activities are acceptable for this friendly and easygoing dog.

great dane_dog breeds

Great Dane (Extra Large Dog Breed):

Great Dane’s were originally bred to hunt European wild boars as large as 7 feet long. The Great Dane’s size may seem daunting for small apartment owners, but the size was originally bred and developed for good reason. Nowadays, Great Dane’s are often kept as lovable, gentle companions. Their size and calm demeanor has accredited them the name of “Gentle Giants”. This breed is easy to train and has a strong desire to please. Training Great Dane’s is easy and necessary, as most strangers may be frightened if the dog is unruly or uncontrollable in public. Great Dane’s are best with older children as they can effortlessly romp and play through a yard, and may misjudge their own strength during play. Their loving hearts are gentile and big, offering you and your family an excellent watchdog and calm friend.

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