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Do Dogs Need Coats?

Great question! When the weather gets cold and snowy, does your dog need a winter coat? The less fur your dog has, the more likely your dog needs a coat this winter.

Some examples include:

  • Small and toy dogs
  • Terriers and Pinschers
  • Short haired breeds
  • Older, senior dogs
  • Short cut haired breeds (e.g. poodles)
  • Thin breeds (e.g. Greyhounds)
  • Dogs hesitant to go outside

Dogs bred for colder temperatures are less likely to need a jacket. These breeds include Saint Bernards, Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies.

What to Look for in Dog Coats

For dogs that do need a dog sweater or coat, try to find a coat with a blend of wool and cotton or acrylic. A purely wool dog coat may be too warm for your dog. Also, measure your dog around the neck and the arms to make sure you get the correct dog coat size.

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof + Windproof Dog Vest

Waterproof | Windproof | Polyester + Cotton

We love the street style of this dog vest, and recommend it for all of the stylish dogs of the world. This dog coat is a great choice because it protects your dog from water and wind. This reversible waterproof and windproof dog coat is a great addition to your dog walks. It is easy to put on and to take off, making it a great choice for quick potty breaks in the morning and night.

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest

Soft + Warm | Fleece Polyester

This fleece dog vest is a great choice for cold weather in which your dog needs to stay warm. This fleece vest allows for lots of movement during walks, while keeping the chest and back warm and dry. These everyday dog vests come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, brown, peach, and pink. Choose the color best for you and your dog, and come back from long walks without a shaky and cold dog!

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat

Waterproof |Polyester + PVC Coating | 18 Month Warranty

This waterproof raincoat is great for dogs that want to fashionably evade the rain. This cute raincoat is a great way for your dog to stay dry and clean during light or heavy rain. The raincoat has an adjustable belt that keeps the raincoat secure during brisk walks or runs. This slick yellow raincoat includes a reflecting belt that is perfect for walks in the evening rain.

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

Water Resistant | Perfect for Rain Protection

These rain ponchos have the best patterns including cute butterflies, sassy ducks, and a brave sailor design. This rain coat is for dogs that want to evade the rain in style. This coat is great for areas that get light rain, or want to offer a long-haired dog a light coat. Perfect for a day at the park, your dog will be easy to spot when it is time to go!

Discover the right dog coat for you Today!

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