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Oftentimes owners purchase dry dog food for their furry friends. Later on, owners find their dogs lack energy, their coats are dull, or the dog is suffering physically. Similar to humans, a change in a dog’s diet can boost their vivacious energy and prevent disabilities as they grow older. As natural omnivores and carnivores, dogs thrive on a meat-based diet, with minimally processed foods.

Dog Diet Nutrition

Dog’s diets should include a large majority of poultry meat, and up to 25% of vegetables (preferably ground). Anymore vegetables in your dog’s diet, and you may find them disinterested in lunch. Dog diets can include a number of meat including poultry, some types of fish, eggs, and organs. For large and medium dogs, grains are better fillers in their diet and can encompass up to 50% of their diet. These grains can include oatmeal, barley, rice, or even buckwheat. Lastly, tiny kelp or seaweed pieces ever so often can boost your dog’s diet and their metabolism.

The Best Pre-Prepared Dog Foods

Preparing a diet for your canine family member is often the preferred choice for dog owners, but considered unreasonable for those who are busy and pressed for time. Three excellent dog food suppliers include: Fromm Family, Zignature, and Nom Nom Now.

Fromm Family: Founded in 1904

Fromm Family is a fifth generation artisan dog food producer. This company is a family-owned and operated business that puts the needs and desires of the dog first. Each of their dog food products provides variety driven gourmet entrees for your pup’s pleasure. With many grain-free alternatives, owners can be assured that they are offering their dog food that is approved by veterinarians, biochemists, research specialists and food production engineers.

My dog had started to dry heave and developed reflux, diarrhea, and horrible gas suddenly after eating from the new bag of the other brand I had purchased. I found Fromm and saw that it is completely sourced and manufactured in the US and at a reasonable price. He’s been eating it ever since with no reflux, upset, or diarrhea. he loves this food so much that he drives me crazy until I feed him in the morning, lays down by his bowl, wraps his huge front legs around it, and protects it until he eats every last kibble. – Unknown


Zignature Grain Free Lamb

Zignature: Physiologically Tuned Food for Canine Vitality

Zignature is premium dog food that offers your dog food based on the best nature can offer them. The brand focuses on including meat as a main component of the dog food including kangaroo, salmon, beef, or turkey. The brand’s products minimize allergic reactions in dog’s through the lack of starch and grain use in their products. Zignature is one of the healthiest dog brands around, and often the use of it.

Awesome dog food. My english bulldog was on Blue Buffalo before. He had chronic irritation between his paw digits. They itched and always bothered him. He also had problems with his ears. He has been on Zignature for about a month ALL his conditions are completely gone 🙂 – Jill

Nom Nom Now: Home-Cooked Meals for Your Dog, Delivered

Nom Nom Now is a delivery dog food service. The service allows you to offer your dog the perfectly balanced, nutritious and fresh homemade dog food you would like to offer them, but may not be able to due to time constraints. After learning more about your dog, including their age, weight, and activity levels, you can choose the recipe you would like to see modified for your dog. Submit your dog’s personal information, and expect to receive a week’s worth of dog food, fresh, ready and at your door.

Pepper often used to leave her breakfast in her bowl and not eat it until she was super hungry in the evening (messing up her dinner schedule too). Now she dances tiny little pirouettes around us and stands IN her bowl while we open her Noms. It makes us so happy to see her excited and feeling peppy at her age! – Emily

Which dog diet is best for your dog? See our complete dog diet guide today!

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