6 Dog Gift Baskets to Rock Your Dog’s World this Christmas3 min read

Christmas Dog Gift Basket Guide

Our Favorite Dog Gift Baskets for Christmas

If your dog isn’t a big fan of Star Wars or the classic Kong dog toys, try these creative and fun dog gift baskets this Christmas!

Dog Toy Baskets

BKING-BOX Puppy Dental Chew Dog Toy Basket

BKING-BOX Puppy Dental Chew Dog Toy Basket

Puppy Gift Pack | Dental Dog Toy | Two Pack

This cotton, dental dog toy pack is a great gift for puppies! The dog toy pack includes a giraffe and a crocodile that are both about eight inches in size. These dog toys are a great, all-natural and easy way to keep your dog’s teeth free from plaque and tartar. The soft cotton and toy size is perfect for teething puppies and new dog owners. These cute puppy gifts are a cute and vibrant way to spice up your dog’s toy basket.SCENEREAL Squeaky Dog Toy Basket

SCENEREAL Squeaky Dog Toy Basket

Puppy Gift Box | Squeaky Dog Chew Toy | Five Pieces

The SCENEREAL Squeaky Dog Toy Pack includes five stuffed and non-stuffed dog toys that your dog can enjoy as a puppy into adulthood. These cute toys can be used as comfort toys for dogs in their crate or during travel. Due to the pack’s variety, this pack is great as a Christmas gift for dogs. Your dog is sure to find one new best friend in the pack.

IMK9 Puppy Chew Toy Bundle

IMK9 Puppy Dental Chew Dog Toy Basket

Puppy Gift Bag | Outdoor Dog Toys| Four Pieces

These durable puppy chew toys are great for games of catch and they help puppies burn their excess energy outside. This puppy pack includes a Frisbee, a rope-tug toy, a rugby ball, and a squeaking ball for about $10. This puppy gift pack is great for training because you can hide treats in the ball during play!

We are sure that your puppy’s favorite toy for the next year is in this dog toy pack.

Dog Is Good 4-Piece Dog Toy Gift Box

Dog is Good Dog Toy Gift Box

Puppy Gift Box | Plush Dog Toy | Four Pieces

We love this dog toy basket because the toys are soft and cozy, but they are also durable enough to be used for outdoor play. These dog toys are great because no matter what your dog enjoys doing they will have a toy in this box that suits their needs. The balls in this box are great for chasing and running after, the plush stick toy is perfect for cuddling and tug-of-war, and the football is a great fit for dogs that love squeaky chew toys.

Dog Treat Baskets

Jaggers Doggy Deli Santa Pet Dog Treat Box

Santa Pet Dog Treat Box

 Dog Gift Basket | Dog Treats | 12+ Pieces

The Santa Pet Dog Treat Box includes the cutest, Christmas dog treats that your pup will absolutely love. The treats are composed of only oats, fruit and vegetables. The hand decorated dog treats bring holiday cheer to your dog’s food bowl. The dog treat box includes over 12 different treats with the following flavors and more:

  • Carrot Cake Bear
  • Peanut Butter Santa
  • Beef & Cheddar Reindeer
  • PB & Bacon Santa
  • Cheddar Cheese Star
  • Gingerbread Ornament

Prime Pet Box 'Surf n Turf' Dog Gift Box

Prime Pet Box “Surf ‘n Turf” Dog Gift Box

Dog Gift Box| Toys and Treats | 5+ Pieces

The Prime Pet “Surf ‘n Turf” dog gift box includes a mixture of dog treats and dog toys. We love that this dog gift box includes premium dog treats and toys that your dog will beg for more. The benefit of purchasing this box is being able to test the dog treats your dog likes most. With a variety of dog treats included, see the toy or dog treat flavors and brands your pup loves the most.

Bone bons Holiday Gift Basket with Dog Treats

Bonus: Bone Bons Organic Dog Treat Gift Basket

Dog Gift Basket | Dog Treats | About Two Pounds

We love this holiday dog treat basket and it will be in our shopping cart this season. The gift basket includes artisan cookies, holiday decorated dog treats, an additional treat box, and a pork jerky rope toy. Ask your dog which bonus item they would prefer: organic Neem Oil Dog Soap or a bully stickbeef hoof. Keep this delicious basket out of your dog’s reach or it will be devoured in a day!

Start shopping for the perfect dog gift basket today!

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