Dog News: Dog Training Needs Good Timing and Attention2 min read

When training your dog, do you notice their loss of interest? It can be difficult keeping a dog’s attention regularly, let alone during a long training session. Dog training tips support each of us dog owners in managing our dog’s behavior at home and in public. This recent dog news identifies the two keys to an excellent dog training session: timing and attention.

The Dance Between Humans and Dogs

This study analyzed 43 readily available YouTube videos to examine the interaction between dog and man. Two items were tracked: how the human responded to the dog, and how the dog responded to the human. This study was developed in order to improve an individual’s ability to positively interact with a dog.

How to Get Your Dog’s Attention During Training

The study found that non-speech vocalizations like kissing sounds, whistles, or tongue clicking got the dog’s attention. This sort of attention generator provided longer lasting results. When offered a food reward, dogs attention waned after getting a treat. In some cases, the food reward reduced the dog’s attention because the dog began to sniff for any residual food left on the floor.

Another attention getter is when the individual would bend over, or put both of their hands on the dog. In response to this action, dogs were prone to paw at them or make a noise.

Owners Notice Dogs Behavior Too

In the reverse case, it was found that dog owners looked at dogs when they licked their lips. When the dog would look away from them, the trainer would often look at the dog in response. The majority of dog training methods used dog treats as a reward; others used clickers. In some cases, dog trainers lost the dogs attention by not holding a lure or stance for long enough. Next time you have a dog training session, try to hold your position a bit longer. Thereafter, see how your dog responds.

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Source: Todd, Zazie, PhD. “Timing and Attention Matter in Dog Training, New Study Shows.” Timing and Attention Matter in Dog Training, New Study Shows. Companion Animal Psychology, 08 Feb. 2017. Web. 04 Mar. 2017.

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