Top 5 Dog Safe, Fall Flavored Thanksgiving Meals2 min read

Each year at the Thanksgiving dinner table our favorite pups crowd  the table with our family and friends to celebrate our appreciation for the blessings of our lives. Outside of organizing our family plans, planning a delicious meal, and preparing our homes for our guests, we also must keep in mind our furry family on this special day. Unfortunately, some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes can make our pups sick, we’re sharing a number of our favorite meals for our furry family this season.

1. Wet Dog Food – Buffalo Wilderness’s Turkey Grill

What we love about this dog food is that it is made with high quality ingredients. Without any wheat, this tasty wet food includes protein-rich turkey. It also includes superfoods and vitamin rich supplements including flaxseed. This grain-free Thanksgiving meal is a safe and easy Thanksgiving meal you can quickly pick up for your dog.

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2. Dry Dog Food – Nature’s Recipe Thanksgiving Tastes

This delicious grain-free dry dog food is a hidden gem when it comes to Thanksgiving for your pup. Although this dry dog food does not contain turkey, it does include the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner: chicken, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. This dog food is formulated specifically for large adult dogs. Although this dog food is dry, it does have enough fiber from the whole foods to support your dog’s digestion. With hints of apples and peas, your dog is sure to love this tasty meal.

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3. Turkey Meat – Without the Skin

Although many items on your Thanksgiving table don’t suit for your dog’s digestive system, turkey is one your dog can enjoy. If you give your dog bits of unseasoned, deboned turkey without the skin, they will thank you for the gift. Do not give your dog turkey skin, turkey bones, onions, or garlic! Otherwise, turkey meat alone is a great source of protein and minerals for your dog to enjoy.


4. Canned Pumpkin or  Unseasoned Sweet Potatoes

Treat your dog to tasty canned pumpkin puree or boiled, unseasoned sweet potatoes before adding it to your best dishes. Plain pumpkin and sweet potatoes are great ways to add beta-carotene into your dog’s diet. Beta-carotene supports eye health and skin health. It will also keep your dog’s digestive system regular. If they have diarrhea or constipation before Thanksgiving, this is definitely your best option. For you, the benefit is that these delicious vegetables are tasty for your dog to try.


5. Try a Thanksgiving Dog Toy Instead

Is your dog on a special diet this season? Or are they simply picky eaters? Try a Thanksgiving dog toy to ensure your dog is thrilled while enjoying this holiday season. With a toy, your dog will be occupied, so they won’t bother your guests by begging for the tasty food on their plates.

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