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Imagine being socially isolated for six weeks out of the year. Dog toys meant for dog left alone are more popular than ever. New research has shown that both dogs and their owners suffer when dogs are left home alone for long periods of time. Many dogs don’t have access to outdoor space when left home alone. Some dogs express their stress by whimpering, howling, or destroying the furniture. Not only does this daily separation affect dog’s, but many dog owners feel guilty when they must leave their furry friend home alone. Luckily, several dog toy products are on the market and available to support the hardworking dog owners of the world.


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 Furbo: Be Together, Even When You’re Apart

There is no longer any need to travel back home to visit your dog on your lunch break. The Furbo Dog Camera and Dog Toy allows you to virtually interact with your pet when you are away. Feed your dog a treat, talk to them, be notified via text message if they begin to bark, and have a live video feed of what they are up to, day or night.

That hour drive was no longer stressful with me all kinds of anxious about the pups! I was super relaxed being able to see, talk and treat them even though I was so far away! Every time I have to go somewhere I now go with a new peace of mind and calm all thanks to Furbo! It works like a charm and is actually a rather attractive piece! The wooden top is a lovely touch! My family, 2 legged and 4 legged absolutely adore our Furbo! Worth every cent! Thank you, Furbo! – C. Klamert


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 StarMark Bob-a-Lot: Exercise and Feed Your Dog at the Same Time

There is nothing better to offer your dog than mental stimulation and a nice snack when you are away from home. StarMark’s “Bob-a-Lot” dog toy does both at the same time, while remaining easy to use and clean. With treats hidden inside, the Bob-a-Lot erratically swings from side to side until the dogs can make magic and extract the treats cleverly.

“I purchased one of your Bob-A-Lots. Don’t ever take it off the market. It is wonderful. Especially for those dogs that inhale their food and there is no other way to slow their eating. They get more bang for the buck if they have to work for their meal. Far more satisfying and better for their stomach.” – Bonnie


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Chew Bones: Nylon, Rope, Rubber, Beef, and Antlers

Long lasting, durable, and digestible chew bones are an excellent opportunity for your dog to stay occupied for hours on end. There a large variety of bones including man-made, natural, and combinations of the two. With more experience you will be able to determine which your dog likes best. A little known long lasting favorite of most dogs are these Himalayan Yak chews. These Yak chews are FDA approved and combine the delicious taste of Yak & Cow Milk with Salt & Lime Juice.

My two Border Collies love these. They last a long time, particularly because I take the chews away after about 15 minutes. I feel good allowing them to chew these because the ingredients are pure and are easily assimilated by the dogs’ guts. Plus, unlike some rawhide chews, there is little risk of choking, and there are no leftover bits in the stool. – John

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