Dog Toy Guide: Most Durable, Tough Dog Toys for All Sizes3 min read

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Tough and reusable dog toys that bring reoccurring joy to your dog are the best way to avoid spending hundreds on toys to bring new joy to your dog. Some of our favorites include the following two dog toys. The first dog toy allows you to replace the tasty treat rings. The treat ring replacement lets your dog enjoy the toy as if it were new once again. The second dog toys are a product line that allows your dog to chew away without bothering the ear of their owner.


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Chew Toy: Petsafe’s Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos Dog Toy

The Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos dog toy from PetSafe is one of the toughest treat dispensing toys on the market. Dog treat puzzles may seem to keep your dog occupied, but for clever dogs, can last no more than 10 minutes. The Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos dog toy makes it difficult for your dog to chew the rawhide treats and the toy’s grooves clean their teeth.

The dog toy is vanilla scented. The toy is also dishwasher safe for the dog owner’s benefit. Lastly, the toy ends unscrew for easy reuse. For those with small or large dogs, the dog toy comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), making it a good fit for dogs of any size.

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Plush Toy: Hear Doggy Dog Toy

The second dog chew toy is durable and brings joy to the ears of dogs, while offering their owners comfort. The award-winning Hear Doggy brand specializes in developing dog squeaky toys that are audible to dogs, but not their owners. Your dog can gnaw on a number of animals including a plush beaver, moose, skunk, penguins, stars or cows.

The dog toy can withstand tug-of-war games and endless squeaking for your dogs delight. The dog toys come in a “Plush” and “Flat” style. The “Plush” style contains stuffing, while the “Flat” style contains no stuffing, but a chew guard instead.

Dog Ball: Roxie’s Indestructible Dog Ball

The third dog toy is a fun ball that your dog can chew, scratch, and kick without leaving a dent. When you are ready to play fetch in a grassfield this ball ensures that no grass strains will leave with you! This ball is great to kick around with your dog.

The ball comes in two sizes depending on the size and age of your dog. These balls are also BPA free, so there is no worry about the health risks associated with cheaper plastic alternatives. The ball has a long lasting coat that does not fade in bad weather, and can withstand the strongest of chompers. This dog ball is perfect for dog owners that want to offer a chewable, rolling alternative to chew bones.

Otterly Pet Dog Toys

Dog Rope Toy: Otterly Pets Rope Toys

The Otterly Rope Toys are a long lasting rope toy that was built for rough play. Other rope toys begin to fray within a week of use, but the Otterly Pets rope toys are durable and meant to last! This is also a great toy to distract your dog when they chew furniture or nip at your feet. This dog toy is great for training and gameplay.

Play a tough game of tug-of-war or fetch with your dog, and don’t worry about the rope failing under the pressure. These ropes are also great for water play because they can float for up to 10 minutes. This tough dog toy also has natural fibers that clean your dog’s teeth without a toothbrush!

We also love the Kong Toy Brand for creating tough dog toys! Which tough dog toy is your favorite? 

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