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5 Key Dog Training Commands

Before getting a new dog, many owners dream of the day they can play with their dog joyfully in the park, travel to the grocery store together, and enjoy a lovely weekend stroll together. The companionship and joy of a furry friend is one that lasts a lifetime.

Unfortunately, some dog owners find these dreams scattered when their dog runs aimlessly through the parking lot, or can’t seem to come when called. Although many stubborn dog owners find they have some of the stubbornest dogs on the planet, with consistency, patience, and practice all dogs can learn a few of the following key commands.

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This is one of the simplest commands your dog can begin learning. In situations where you would like to see your dog seated calmly, you can practice using this command. For example, before leaving the yard for a walk, before feeding time, or before playing “fetch” with their favorite toy, you and your dog can work together to put this command into practice.

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In the case that you would like to call your dog after a romp at the park, or in the case that their leash breaks free, the “come” command can save you and your friend heartache. Practice this command in an enclosed area, with the leash at first. After some practice and increased comfortability, practice this command without the leash.

Give your dog some time to learn this command, and in the case that the dog does eventually come to you, don’t punish them out of anger – they are doing the best they can to get it right!

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Dogs can be friendly, playful, loving, and fun with most people, regardless of whether they have known them for many years, or a few moments. Sometimes this fun-loving excitement can turn into a jump onto a small child or a guest, that can bring danger or fear.

The “down” command can keep large dogs from jumping onto your guests and also teach your furry friend to maintain respect and reduce their dominance to others. Keep training positive and relaxed, so that the dog has the time to figure out the association.

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The prerequisite to your dog understanding the “stay” command, is the knowledge of “sit”. After the “sit” command is well practiced, “stay” can be used to help your dog practice self-control.

For young puppies and rambunctious dogs, this may be a challenge to learn.

The “stay” command allows you some peace of mind if you have to leave your dog for a bit of time, so offer your canine friend some new stimulation by practicing it on off-times when it’s not yet needed.

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Leave It

The “leave it” command is perfect for dogs that love to eat anything on the counter or ground, or hounds that make walks last indefinitely thanks to the numerous smells they encounter. The intention to have when teaching this command is to show your dog that if they avoid one thing, they get something even better in return. Take this command slowly as well, and as your dog progresses, continue to practice the command with them and reward them when they participate.


If you find that training your dog yourself is too tough, try finding a training center nearby or a great dog training book!

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