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Wellness Complete Dry Dog FoodFDA Links Top Dog Food Brands to Heart Disease

In recent news, the FDA found a connection between dog food and heart disease. In dogs, heart disease is called ” canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)”. The FDA connected many incidences of heart disease in large dog breeds with grain-free dog food. It is important for dog owners to switch dog food brands in order to protect their pets. The link was also found in many dry cat foods, so it is important to stay informed on the topic!

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Dog Breeds with Highest Rate of DCM

In general, dry dog food and larger dog breeds were found to be more susceptible to DCM. The FDAs most recent study found that a few dog breeds tended toward DCM as compared to others.

Dog breeds most susceptible to DCM are (in order of number of incidences):

  • Golden Retrievers (95 cases)
  • Mixed breeds
  • Labradors
  • Great Danes (25 cases)
  • Pit Bulls

Dog Food Brands Linked to Heart Disease

Unfortunately, the dog foods we have grown to trust were found to harm our dogs. These dog brands are most often grain-free dog foods (did not contain corn, soy, wheat, rice, barley or other grains). The dog food brands were found to be most often: grain-free, made from peas or lentils, or sweet potatoes. The following dog food brands were most linked to heart disease in dogs (in order of number of incidences):

  • Acana (67 cases)
  • Zignature (63 cases)
  • Taste of the Wild (53 cases)
  • 4Health (32 cases)
  • Earthborn Holistic (32 cases)

For more information, please see the FDAs investigation published in June 2019.

As an alternative to these popular dog food brands, we recommend using a fresher, wet dog food alternatives like Darwin’s dog food, or dog food from Whole Foods.

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Dogs

If you are concerned about whether your dog may have already be showing signs of heart disease take your dog to the vet. Below are a few signs of heart disease in dogs:

  • Fatigue
  • Collapsing
  • Lack of energy
  • Frequent, low-pitched coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Abdomen swelling
  • Reduced appetite

In the case that your dog is already showing some signs of heart disease, take your dog to the vet for a checkup. Also begin improving their diet and start them on a low-impact exercise regimen.


If your budget can afford it, avoid dry dog food (like Zignature & Acana) and give your dog fresher, wet dog food to support their health!




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