5 Homemade Dog Costumes for a Crafty Halloween2 min read

With less than a week until Halloween, maybe it’s too late to get a sushi dog costume from Amazon, but you can get creative and make your own. We’re sharing some of our best homemade dog Halloween costume ideas before the spookiest day of the year is upon us.


1. TY Plush Dog Toy

A popular homemade dog costume is the TY plush dog toy. Cut a heart out of cardboard. Color it using paint or markers with the classic TY plush doll logo. Attach the big red heart to your dog’s collar, and they officially become a TY Plush dog toy. This costume suits best for fluffy, curly, or small toy dogs; see our favorite large dog costumes here.

2. Reuse Your Old Mop

Reuse your old mop, by dying it and turning it into something new! Your mop can be turned into a new wig so your dog can become a Raggedy Ann doll. The mop can also be attached to a dog vest. Add foam balls painted brown, and your homemade dog costume looks like spaghetti and meatballs. Finally, your old mop can be turned into a lion’s mane. It can be attached to an old dog collar and give your dog a ferocious look.

3. A Classic Four Pawed Ghost

A classic Halloween transformation for our furry friends is a ghost costume. Cut holes into an old, white t-shirt or sheet. If your dog can withstand the feeling of the sheet covering them, your dog can roam the city like Casper the ghost.

4. Fanciful Trick or Treating

Put an old white collar or tuxedo shirt to use by making it fit for your pup. Test out the size of a white collar or tuxedo collar, around your dog’s neck. Your dog will look like they are ready for a fancy evening out on the town with this look.

Using a similar approach, you can tie an old tie around your dog’s neck. With this approach, they can either be a character from the tv show the Office (like Michael or Dwight), or any other employee that works in an office, like a lawyer or engineer.

5. Hipster Costume

Another cute homemade dog costume is the hipster dog costume. Secure cute and colorful glasses around your dog’s head using an elastic or string. Then put a cool or funny t-shirt on your dog. If you don’t have a hipster t-shirt lying around, try an old flannel shirt. You can roll up the sleeves or cut them to make them fit your pup.

Is a homemade dog costume too much work this year? Try visiting Amazon instead.

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