Dog Toy Guide: The Ultimate KONG Dog Toy Overview2 min read

Dog Playing With Kong Toy

KONG is well-loved dog toy brand. You may have heard of their Classic Kong Toy or the brand’s Cozie Squeaky Dog Toys. We will discover some of their many alternative products. These unheard of Kong Toys provide your dog with new, high-quality entertainment.

Kong Dog Toy and Kong Treat

Classic Kong Dog Toy

This classic Kong Toy has become a favorite of dogs around the nation. By placing a tasty treat in its center, dogs are entertained for hours. This toy comes in a size for every dog at every age. The Classic Kong Toy can be small enough for a puppy, tough enough for a Great Dane, and gentle enough for senior dogs.

Cutesea Kong Crinkle Dog Toys

Cutesea Sea Creatures That Crinkle

This toy is perfect for the dog that loves sound. For owners who would like to hear a bit less of their dog’s squeaky toy, this is a great alternative. This cute toy is not only friendly, but fun to chew. This cuddly toy is perfect for small to medium dog that are not tough chewers. When owners find their dog has enjoyed the crinkly octopus, they move forward to the whale, seahorse, and fish.



Kong Stuff-a-Ball Dog Toy

KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

For dog owners that are away often, the Stuff-A-Ball dog toy is the perfect fit. This dog toy uses a treat to engage dogs in play. The toy provides dental cleaning support with its many ridges. Smearing peanut butter on the toy’s gaps can keep dogs with separation anxiety entertained for hours. Lastly, the ball’s shape creates an unpredictable bounce dogs can’t help but love.



Kong Quest Dog Toy

Kong Quest: Wishbone Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The Kong Quest dog toy product line offers treat dispensing and puzzle fun for your dog. This new approach to the treat dispensing method includes more deciphering from your dog. Instead of 15 minutes, after repeated tries, dogs have trouble getting the treat out within an hour. The toys are made of rubber for safety. Although, the toys still hold an excellent grip on the treat inside.

For more treats to add to your new Kong toy, visit our dog treat section of our website!

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