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Nerf Dog Toy_Frisbee Dog Water

Now your canine friends, can enjoy the Nerf brand just as much as you do. Nerf Dog Toys include a wide range of balls, flying discs, ball throwers, and crunchable toys. Nerf dog toys incorporate special technology and materials in order to make the dog toys indestructible for the toughest chewers. For a fun day at the park, try one of these new Nerf dog toys from Amazon.

Nerf Dog Toy_Crunch Football

Nerf Dog – Green Crunch & Squeak Bash Football Dog Toy

The Nerf Green Crunch and Squeak dog toy has a durable rubber body meant to withstand endless hours of chewing. The sweet interior of the football has an appealing crunch sound that your dog will love, without distracting you throughout the day too much. This toy floats in the water, so it is perfect for a day at the beach. This indestructible dog toy is the a great Christmas gift for your best buddy.

The first time I tossed it and it bounced in multiple directions, my dogs brain exploded with joy and the hunt was on. A month or more later, it is still his favorite toy, he cant destroy it with his teeth, it still crunches and squeaks, still looks new… I just cant find any fault with it. No way my 85 lb lab is going to swallow this either. He was going through one over sized green squeaky ball a week. Pulling the green fuzz off and leaving it all over the house. This is still a mystery to him. He cant find the combination to get inside. Personally, I don’t think there is one. But it got into his head immediately! and then his mouth.

– Richard R.

Nerf Dog Toy_ Barbell Chew

Nerf Dog Barbell Chew Dog Toy

This fun dog toy is not meant to work you dog out in the way you might think. This fun Nerf dog toy bounces and fits friendly into your dog mouth. This tough rubber dog toy is fun to chew, fetch, and throw. To save your ears, this dog toy does not have a squeaker sound, but is another indestructible dog toy. With its rubber toughness, this dog toy can withstand time with the toughest chewers.

My dog is an ‘aggressive chewer’. He doesn’t chew on things that aren’t his, but his toys he completely obliterates. This bone is the only toy he can’t destroy! We had a blue one and he lost it in the field so we had to get him anotger one. He loves it! He takes it with him everywhere! And I love that im not picking up pieces of chewed up toy and having to buy a new chew toy every couple days. Works well for playing fetch! Great dog toy! Definitely worth the money!!

– Anonymous

Nerf Dog Toy_Football Feeder

Nerf Dog Treat Feeder Football

This dog toy is tasty, yet masterfully disguised. Although this bright colored football looks fun and inviting to throw and catch, it doubles as a dog treat feeder. The dog toy’s textured ridges and fun dispensing system make this dog toy a tasty, yet fun toy to have around. This football feeder can hold up to a cup of dry dog food. This is the perfect mix of playtime and dinnertime.

Dog has had these for a week and carries one everywhere – gnawing constantly. If he could fit both in his mouth, he would carry both. No evidence of wear so far. In the past, Dog has destroyed similar toys in that period of time. The balls have a good heft and can be thrown about 30 yards overhand with little effort. Their shape causes them to bounce crazily when they hit the ground. When thrown football style with the opening facing forward, they make a gentle “whoop whoop whoop” sound as they fly through the air. It sends dog into fits and he races after it.

Two Month Update: Footballs are going strong! Still a favorite toy. Played with every day. Chewed upon mightily without deforming. Have outlasted all other dog toys at this point.

– Charles Moore

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