Dog Grooming 101: Dog Basics & How To

Dog grooming is essential to maintaining the basic hygiene of your dog. Dog grooming, does not have to be expensive or require a lot of time; with a bit of care and patience, the dog grooming process can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

The Best Pre-Prepped Dog Food Available Today

Oftentimes owners purchase dry dog food for their furry friends. Later on, owners find their dogs lack energy, their coats are dull, or the dog is suffering physically. Similar to humans, a change in a dog’s diet can boost their vivacious energy and prevent disabilities as they grow older. As natural omnivores and carnivores, dogs thrive on a meat-based diet, with minimally processed foods. Dog Diet Nutrition Dog’s diets should include a large majority .

Top 5 Dog Expert Training Strategies

dog sitting on counter
Proper dog training takes careful time and attention. We asked experts the top questions to ask yourself during your training sessions to evaluate your training success and progress. How do you make sure your dog training is effective? Try answering these questions and see!   1. Safety: Is your dog training method safe for your dog’s age? In some cases, dog training methods can increase aggression – if done in a harmful, unsafe, or .