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Large Dog Costumes for Halloween - Pumpkins

Large dog costumes have a lot of potential for creating frightening creatures that roam the night in search of tasty dog treats and new squeaky toys. Alternatively, large dog costumes can bring a lot of humor to a costume too. Regardless of the type, large dog costumes can be tough to find. Luckily, we have brought together a number of costumes for large dogs that will make your furry friend feel welcome during your Halloween party this year.

Large Dog Costumes

The following large dog costumes may be best suited for dog breeds similar in size to:

  • Boxers
  • Dalmatians
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Weimaraner

The following costume prices depicted are original costume prices, but most are currently on sale due to the season!

Funny Large Dog Costumes - Candy Bucket

Funny Large Dog Costumes

Do you intend to stir up new banter and encourage a chuckle at this year’s Halloween party? Give one of these hilarious dog costumes a try. Choose one based on your favorite. If your dog often asks for one of these foods or reacts to this individual, they may be a hilarious and ironic fit for your dog this season.

Rubies Costume Iced Coffee Large Dog Costumes

Classic Cafe Iced Latte

Cost: $19.00 | X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail

This cute dog costume will make everyone in your path crave a tasty latte. Dress your dog up to visit a nearby Starbucks and maybe you will even score a latte on the house!

This dog costume is unexpected and a great fit for avid coffee drinkers. Dogs that are always trying to take some of your frappe’s whipped cream might love this costume too!

California Costumes UPS Pal Large Dog Costumes

UPS Delivery Person

Cost: $18.54 | Large – 24” to 28” Chest, 20” Neck to Tail

Dogs love to chase deliverymen. After spending a night with two arms carrying a cute delivery box, your dog may find themselves feeling kinder to deliverymen in the future.

This large dog costume is great for dogs that enjoy chasing deliverymen or saying hi to the local postman. Maybe your dog barks at the postman because they dream of being them one day too – now you can make that wish come true.

Rubies Costume Company Sushi Large Dog Costumes

Sushi Piece Dog Costume

Cost: $19.00 | X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail

There is nothing funnier or more adorable than a piece of sushi walking around the neighborhood. This large dog costume can turn your dog into a sushi piece and sushi chef – all in one!

For dogs always trying to snag a bite of your sushi on sushi night this dog costume is a perfect fit.Scooby-Doo The Mystery Machine Large Dog CostumesScooby Doo Mystery Machine

Cost: $28.54 | X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail (Larger sizes may be available)

Scooby Doo has millions of dog fans around the world. Satisfy your dog’s desire to join the gang on their next mystery hunt with this cute and comfortable costume. Add small LEDs to this mystery machine to make the car lights glow on your trick-or-treating walk on Halloween night.

Rubies Costume Company Squirrel Large Dog Costumes

Hungry Squirrel with a Nut

Cost: $18.49| X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail

Dogs love to bark at squirrels in the yard. This ironic costume transforms your dog into the squirrels they love to chase throughout the day. This cute costume is soft and comfortable for your dog.

Luckily, the costume arms ensure that your furry squirrel won’t lose their delicious nut!

Classic Large Dog Costumes - Witch Hat

Classic Large Dog Costumes

Classic dog costumes are the first dog costumes that reach our creative minds when we shop for a dog costume. For example, superheroes, spiders, dinosaurs, and simple holiday bandanas are classic alternatives to creative costumes. These classic costumes are sure to win over trick-or-treaters hearts for years to come.

Lion Mane for Dog - Large Dog Costumes

Lion’s Mane

Cost: $29.99| 23” to 31.5” Neck Circumference

Large dogs are a great fit for lion mane costumes. Transform your dog from a lovable canine to the king of the jungle in a matter of minutes. This costume not only includes a beautiful lion’s mane, but a lion’s tail too!

The benefit of this costume is that you don’t have to worry about when your dog heads to the bathroom or if the mane will drag on the floor. This costume is easy to care for and to use.

DC Heroes and Villains Large Dog Costumes

Wonder Woman

Cost: $14.31| X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail

There are a variety of superhero dog costumes. A top pick is the classic Wonder Woman dog costume that is comfortable for lounging around the house and showing off throughout the neighborhood.

The costume’s comfortable design does not include sleeves to make the outfit as natural as possible for dogs as they walk, defecate, and eat snacks. This costume is great for long term use because the chances of your dog making it messy are low.

Tail Trends Halloween Dog Bandanas - Pumpkin Tail Trends Halloween Dog Bandanas - Bat Tail Trends Halloween Dog Bandanas - Pumpkin 

A Halloween Dog Bandana

Cost: $8.50| 16” to 24” Neck Circumference

This Halloween dog bandana is a great way to dress your dog up for the holiday occasion without going too overboard. They are great for dogs that are the host of a classy, Halloween get together. These bandanas come in a variety of styles including bats, pumpkins, candy corn, spiders, witches and skulls.

There are so many cute ones to choose from, we recommend choosing two – one for this year and one for next!

Spider Harness Large Dog Costumes

A Spider Costume for Dogs

Cost: $20.74| X-Large – 24” Chest, 28” Neck to Tail

We often see pranksters use spider costumes on small dogs in order to frighten people. Try the classic spider dog costume on your dog this season! Watch the legs wobble as your dog walks around the house or the neighborhood. The costume is sure to receive compliments from the old and young.

Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Large Dog Costume

Stegosaurus Dog Costume by Animal Planet

Cost: $33.33| Large – 24” to 28” Chest, 20” Neck to Tail

The stegosaurus dog costume is created by Animal Planet. We love Animal Planet dog costume’s because of the high quality and creative touch. These dog costumes look realistic, are creative, and durable!

Turn your furry friend into a lovable dinosaur this year and watch them roar the crowd to laughter.


Scary Large Dog Costumes

Scary Large Dog Costumes

Will your dog join a haunted house this year? Will they scare trick-or-treaters nearing your door? While keeping everyone safe, we have a few spooky dog costumes that can be mixed with temporary dog hair dye to bring the costume up a few notches.

SpookyPup Hilarious Dog Costume Muzzle with Large Scary Teeth

A Spooky Dog Costume Muzzle

Cost: $39.95| X-Large – Best for dogs the size of Rottweilers

This costume is very frightening! We hope that you use this costume wisely as the muzzle could be scary for young children walking around or even your adult party guests.

For smaller dogs, this is a funny costume, but be very careful with this muzzle for larger dogs especially in public.

Halloween Dog Headband Costumes

A Monster Headband

Cost: $19.99| 14” to 19” Head Circumference

This monster headband will make your dog look like they are coming straight out of Monsters Inc. film. These monsters frightened children by creeping out of their closets in the middle of the night, and now our happy tailed pup can do the same!

 A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Large Dog Costume

A Freddy Kreuger Dog Costume

Cost: $25.99| Large – 24” to 28” Chest, 20” Neck to Tail

In the film, Freddy’s Revenge, a teenager is taken over by Kreuger. Freddy states “you’ve got the body, I’ve got the brain.” Let your dog pretend to be taken over by Freddy Kreuger too this Halloween with this creepy costume!

What kind of Halloween costume will you choose for your dog this year? DIY? Funny? Terrifying? Let us know in the comments below and shop more dog costumes today!


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