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Why do dogs eat grass…? And More!

There is a lot of dog behavior that remain a mystery. For example, why do dogs eat grass? Why do dogs lick their paws? Why do dogs pant? Luckily, we have answers to a few of the very odd things they do. They give us insight into whether our dogs are sick or missing key nutrients. Click to skip to the following questions: Why do dogs eat grass? Why do dogs lick their paws? .

Dog Joint Pain: Stop it in its Tracks

Dog uncomfortable on couch
Aging is one of the most difficult transitions for dog owners to see. As our furry friends begin to slow down, we do our best to ease their pain and improve their mobility. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of dogs will get arthritis in their lifetime. We discuss the #1 best dog supplement to ease your dog's joint pain!

Can Dogs Eat…? The Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving_Can Dogs Eat
“Can Dogs Eat…?” Thanksgiving Edition (Use the colored icons as a quick guide: Green indicates yes, yellow indicates sometimes, red indicates never) Note: If you feed your dog anything that upsets their stomach, try these easy to digest foods for a few days. Thanksgiving Main Course: Turkey for Dogs Go for It, but Be Careful Benefits: Feed your dog your Thanksgiving turkey scraps, but avoid giving your dog Thanksgiving turkey skin, bones, or prepping .

Diabetic Dog Food & Care 101 [FULL GUIDE]

Diabetes for dogs can be caused by genetics or health choices, but luckily, proper care, exercise, and diabetic dog food can give your dog a thriving lifestyle. In this post, we share the causes and signs of diabetes in dogs as well as connect you with diabetic dog treats and food that your pup will love!