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Top 2017 Dog Health Trends

Coconut Oil for Dogs

2017 was the year that coconut oil began to shine. Not only was coconut oil for us, but also for our dogs. Coconut oil was identified as boosting dog’s immune systems, brain aging, odor, skin, and coat. This article dives deeper into coconut oil’s benefits for dogs and how to offer them to your lovable pup.

Medical Marijuana Could be Good for Pets

A 2017 study reported that marijuana could be beneficial not only for humans, but dogs too. For dogs suffering with hyperactivity or arthritis, non-psychoactive CBD oil may be a cure. If your curious how CBD affecs dogs and supports them, you can review this infographic at Greencamp:

The Dangers of Xylitol

The American Kennel Club alerted dog owners to the dangers of xylitol, a substance typically presented as an ordinary sweetener. It can be found in a variety of peanut butter and care products. This year we learned why xylitol can be so dangerous to a dog’s health and how to look out for it.

Heartwarming Dog Health Articles

Dog Pretends to Be Sick so his Dad will Stay Home from Work

Sullivan the dog, started the day with an odd coughing sound that had Kennady, one of his owners, very worried. She said “It really, really freaked me out” about his joyful state combined with a concerning coughing sound. Kennady called her husband to let him know about their dog’s cough, so he decided to take off from work to stay home with Sullivan. After taking Sullivan to the vet after a few days of coughing, his owners were in for a big surprise.

When They found this Dog, He Was Too Sick for Treatment, But He’s Come a Long Way

Unfortunately, with the joyous dog health articles of the year, there are also a few sad, yet heartwarming articles. A poor pitbull suffering from mange, heartworms, and malnutrition was wandering the streets alone. The hope this dog has and is showing now, is what really warms our hearts.

How Dog’s Affect Our Health

Why Losing a Dog can be Harder than Losing a Relative or Friend

The loss of a dog can be truly painful. We all know that a dog is not just a pet, but a member of the family. In 2017, we discovered the true bond between a dog owner and their dog. The “Domestication Hypothesis” emerged stating that dogs have evolved to be social animals that provide comfort and unconditional love to their owners. A trait we humans respond to positively.

Want to live longer? Get a dog

Although we know that dogs can immediately put a smile on our faces, science now has the evidence to prove dog’s positive effect on our lives. Dog owners have been found to have increased social well-being, immune systems, and protection against cardiovascular diseases. Science has shown that it’s reasonable to encourage dog ownership!

It’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Dogs offer us social support and encourage us to live a healthier lifestyle. More physical activity can also support dog owners in improving their odds of living a longer, healthier life. Dogs bred for hunting (terriers, retrievers, and scent hounds) especially correlate with extended lifespans.

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Dog Health Checklists

Basic Health Checklists for Old Dogs

This year, a quick and simple health checklist for senior dogs circulated that helps dog owners quickly determine the health of their dog. The simple checklist recommends checking and observing your senior dog for arthritis or joint issues. They also offer recommendations for caring for your senior dog by adjusting their diet and exercise regimen as needed.

Canine Health Check: How to Tell if Your Dog is Healthy

Another popular dog health article this year overviewed the simple signs that a vet uses to determine if your dog is healthy. By simply observing your dog’s body condition dog owners can alter the nutrition offered to their dogs. The article also highlights special tipis for maintaining your dog’s health by brushing their teeth and helping them maintain a healthy body weight.

What dog health article surprised you this year?

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