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Top Delicious Dog Treat Recipes

Here are some of our own Woof Woof Dog treat & food recipes!

Puppy Leaks: 25 Simple Dog Treat Recipes

This link is a top dog treat article of the year because each of the recipes only need a few ingredients. Making dog treats simple and tasty with 5 ingredients or less is a must in our household. This article is also great because it brings together treats sourced from 25 different places. This brings new variety to your dog treats, and can give you a new website to visit for dog treat recipes.

Pinch of Yum: Homemade Dog Treats

This delicious recipe is decadent and a perfect fit for Christmas. It includes pumpkin, peanut butter, and bacon grease to create a delicious and decadent Christmas miracle! Give these soft-baked, peanut butter and bacon glazed homemade dog treats a try.

Cooking with Janica: Peanut Butter Dog Treat Macarons

What is amazing about these dog treats is that they look so decadent and tasty! If you add a bit more honey, you could enjoy these yourselves too. If your dog is a big fan of peanut butter, we recommend these macarons because they depend on peanut butter to keep the two delicious cookies together.

Pet Helpful: Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

This homemade dog treat recipe list is great because it offers a wide variety of dog treats. For example, bone shaped oat based dog treats, peanut butter dog treats, pumpkin dog treats, beef jerky dog treats, and more! Although some dog treat recipes require a lot of ingredients, we love this article because you get to meet the taste testers and understand how much they enjoyed the treats.

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Top Dog Treat Recipes for Health

Play. Bark. Run: 11 Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Treat Recipes

The benefit of these dog treats is that they are absolutely delicious, but all 11 treat recipes use ingredients that are better for dogs that suffer from allergies. Dogs with inflamed skin, ears, or eyes or digestion issues may suffer from allergies and benefit from these dog treats. These dog treats use alternative ingredients like coconut oil, ginger, and pumpkin to offer your dog the additional nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Munchkins and the Military: Frosty Breath Dog Treats

These treats are a great fit for summer months. As popsicles, this dog treat recipe helps cool your dog and improves their breath with refreshing mint and parsley. The coconut oil in the dog treats is also great for improving your pup’s skin and coat.

Dog Treat Articles to Laugh

Owner Tells Dog He Gave His Treats to the Cat

This video is so hilarious – no wonder it has been watched over 2.6 million times. This dog is so bothered that his owner betrayed his tastebuds that he is sad and lets the owner know. Watch below:

The Dodo: Smart Dog Walks to the Store to Buy Himself Treats

In Brazil, a cute dog heads to the store almost every day to pick up a bag of treats. Until someone comes to reach the treats from the shelf to offer the dog the bag. We recommend visiting the article to watch the video of this cute dog strolling down the street with his fresh bag of treats.

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Dog Treat Articles to Love

Gladwire: Woman Feeds Treats to Lonely Shelter Dog and is in Tears at a Later Surprise

Abbey loved working for the SPCA. To make the job even better, she had met a little dog named Ted. Initially, Ted was shy and scared. He was unwilling to interact with anyone he met! After Abbey offered him a dog treat she was in for a heartwarming treat!

Buzz Feed News: This Dog Climbs on Another to Beg for Treats

A small mutt named Bella and a golden retriever named Hank are a close pair! Unfortunately, because Hank is so much larger than Bella, she decided she needed better access to dog treats too. To solve her problem, Bella decided to climb on Hank so she could have better access to dog treats, to get more attention, to more easily hop onto the couch and just to hang out. See this cute pair in action!

What was your favorite dog treat recipe or article this year?

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