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There is a lot of dog behavior that remain a mystery. For example, why do dogs eat grass? Why do dogs lick their paws? Why do dogs pant? Luckily, we have answers to a few of the very odd things they do. They give us insight into whether our dogs are sick or missing key nutrients.

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  3. Why do dogs eat poop?

Why do dogs eat grass?

First of all, do not feel too concerned if your dog eats grass. Most dogs don’t eat grass because they feel sick. Dogs eat grass for several reasons.

  • Boredom

Has your dog gotten enough exercise lately? Are you engaging them with new games and dog toys? If the answer is no, consider making time to do something new with your dog. Go for a hike on a nearby trail. Try playing 15 minutes of frisbee with your pup. They will appreciate the quality time with you and also get rid of any restless energy.

  • Feeling Unwell

This is not always the case, so do not rush to this conclusion. Sometimes dogs eat grass if they are feeling unwell to help induce vomiting or improve digestion. Take your dog to the vet if the grass eating is accompanied by weight loss, excessive drooling, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

If the grass eaten is free of herbicides and pesticides, grass grazing is not harmful for dogs. Maybe they like the taste!

Why do dogs lick their paws?

From time to time, your dog will lick their paws. If it occurs occasionally, this is quite normal! They do this to groom themselves. Typically, dogs will lick their paws after a meal, before a nap, or after going outside.

If your dog begins to lick their paws excessively or aggressively, this is most likely a sign of a health problem. They often do this if their paws are itchy, irritated, or painful.

  • Allergies

If your dog licks their paws chronically and the skin looks a bit dry or peels, your dog may have an allergy. If they lick their paws mostly after a walk through the forest or grass, your dog may be allergic to grass or weeds. Cleaning their feet after a walk is helpful in this case.

If your dog also has peeling or irritated skin in other areas (near the ears or on their legs), they may have a food allergy. Try switching your dog’s food. Avoiding commercial foods filled with corn, wheat, and soy is a good start.

  • Pain

If your dog is licking a single paw, they may be experiencing pain. Are there any foreign objects or cuts on your dog’s paws that may be uncomfortable? In these cases, your dog may also limp when walking. These are good indicators that a thorn, insect bite, or an object has wounded your dog’s paw.

Recommendations for Dogs Licking their Paws

What we love about this paw butter is that it naturally soothes irritated paws. The paw butter contains shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamin E, vitamin F, coconut oil, and aloe vera. It helps heal and sooth irritated or painful paws which can reduce your dog’s paw licking. This paw butter can also help protect your dog from the elements like snow, grass, and hot pavements.

This paw wax helps protect your dog against the elements. This is great for dogs who are licking their paws because they became too hot or have sand in them. This non-allergenic, non-staining paw cream absorbs in seconds and won’t stain your carpets. The high-quality paw wax is made from human-grade waves and vitamin E.

Why do dogs eat poop?

I feel your concern. Your dog is eating poop for goodness sake! Although this is much more common than you may think. One in six dogs are serious poop eaters, and about one in four dogs has eaten poop at least once.


Some dogs eat poop when:

  • They are not feeling well

When your puppy or dog eats their own feces, it is important that you take them into the vet. In some cases, dogs eat their own feces when they have intestinal tract issues like parasites or nutritional deficiencies.

  • They have anxiety

In some cases, when dogs feel anxious they may eat their own feces, especially if they are confined. Separation anxiety can also cause a dog to eat their own poop. Lastly, they may feel bored and lack enrichment (especially if confined for long periods of time).

Recommendations for Dogs Eating Poop

This natural, non-toxic spray is bitter and often averts dogs from biting or chewing. Not only can this be sprayed on poop to deter your dog, it can be sprayed on other objects you would like your dog to stop chewing.

Try to distract your dog by offering them delicious dog treat alternatives. These offer your dog additional nutrition and calories while also freshening their breath – much better than dog poop breath!


We may not always understand our dogs’ behavior, but we will definitely always love them!

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