Embark Dog DNA Test – Breed Identification Kit

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  • Embark Dog DNA Test – Breed Identification Kit

    $129.00 $99.00
    • Screen for 350+ dog breeds, types and varieties
    • Discover your pup’s risk for 175+ genetic health conditions
    • Does your dog like puzzles? Are they motivated by food? Discover all this and more!

    I love knowing all the breeds that went into the creation of my dog. She was a rescue so there was no telling what all was mixed in. She was simply “australian cattle dog” But come to find out she has a german shepherd way back in her history. Sure explains the size of her ears!

  • Wisdom Panel Premium – Dog DNA Test for Comprehensive Health, Traits and Ancestry

    $159.99 $111.99
    • Unlock your dog’s breed mix down to 1%!
    • Reveal health traits like your dog’s drug sensitives, vision, and more
    • 2+ million dogs tested

    I’ve used this product for both of my rescue dogs. It’s surprisingly easy to swab them for their saliva/DNA and I got the results in a couple short weeks. The results are very comprehensive in giving a percentile breakdown by breed and other interesting facts about the breeds. They also gave me some health information and were able to describe the dogs very accurately. I’m still amazed at how this DNA testing works.

  • Wisdom Panel – 3.0 Canine DNA Test

    $199.99 $77.99
    • Discover your dog’s breed mix by percentage from over 350+ dog breeds and varieties
    • The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test has the largest dog breed database available
    • Easy to use! Only 3 steps: Swab, pack, send
  • Embark Dog DNA Test & Breed Identification

    $199.00 $149.00
    • MOST ACCURATE: We test 20x more of your dog’s genes than other dog DNA tests.
    • Test for over 190+ genetic diseases to keep your dog healthier longer
    • Discover your dog’s relatives (both distant and close relatives)!