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  • All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats, 10 oz – Vet Approved


    All natural, herbal based ingredients that are certified organic. These treats are made in the USA and contain ingredients known to reduce blood sugar, slow the rate of metabolism and help manage insulin requirements better.

  • Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

    $11.95 $11.59
    • Patented ergonomic design – Curved wishbone shape to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going
    • Deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and Flavor
    • Real ingredients and real Flavor – made with super-strong nylon and 100% bacon for irresistible Flavor and scent
    • Not recommended for dogs heavier than 70 pounds
    • Made in the USA
  • BLUE Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Duck Biscuits Dog Treats


    Blue Buffalo Treats help your little buddy maintain great dental hygiene. Because a puppy has special needs, these dental chews are textured to help soothe sore and aching gums during teething. They also include DHA for cognitive development, Taurine to promote heart health and vitamins to support the immune system.

  • Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Hip and Joint Functional Treat Pouches

    $15.95 $12.89

    Cloud Star’s Dynamo Dog Functional Treats are formulated for a dogs specific needs. The Hip & Joint formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin in each treat to help support your dog’s daily joint function. Dynamo Dog Functional Treats are grain free, gluten free and are always made in the USA with the freshest ingredients.

  • Dog Bone Cake Pan Silicone for Puppy Birthday Party 7X10 Inches Blue


    This bright blue, silicone baking pan in the shape of a dog bone is non stick and can handle just about any dog-safe ingredient you choose for making your dog’s birthday cake. Looking to have a puppy party for your child, even if you don’t have a dog? This dog bone shape cake pan can do the job, too.

  • Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats (Combo Pack) – 16 oz Sweet Potato and Chicken


    Ellas Diabetic Dog Treats were developed specifically for dogs with canine diabetes. Given the low sugar diet needed to maintain healthy glucose levels, Ellas Diabetic Dog Treats contain no sugar, no potato, and are free from harmful additives and preservatives.

  • Everlasting Treat Ball

    $12.99 $6.35

    The Everlasting Treat Ball is an interactive toy designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated to help prevent boredom behaviors. Made of a soft, yet durable puncture resistant material to hold up to even tough chewers. It can be filled with treats or dog food, or Everlasting Treats or Everlocking Treats for a real chewing challenge. Packaged with chicken flavor Everlasting Treats.

  • Everlasting Treat Chicken

    Out of stock

    Everlasting Treats are made from natural ingredients without plastics or polymers. They are edible and digestible with an irresistible taste dogs love. Raised dental ridges safely scrub the teeth clean.

  • Everlasting Treat Vanilla Mint

    $8.50 $5.89

    Everlasting Treats are made from natural ingredients without plastics or polymers. They are edible and digestible with an irresistible taste dogs love. Raised dental ridges safely scrub the teeth clean. Can be used as a snack anytime or inside the Everlasting Treat Ball for a chewing challenge.

  • Fifi & Fido Gluten Grain-Free Beef Jerky Chew Sticks for Dog

    $30.00 $17.93

    Made in American without foreign ingredients – fifi & fido beefy jerky treats are 100% natural, healthy gourmet snacks made with pure grade american beef. They are wheat, corn, grain, gluten & soy free and no nasty foreign ingredients that are harmful to your pet. Full of protein, our beef jerky sticks are the perfect addition to a balanced diet

  • Fruitables Pumpkin Dog Treats


    Combining Nature’s tastiest Fruits and Vegetables to create the world’s finest pet. These Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Powered Pet Treats provide a truly amazing sensory experience in each fresh pack. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and selected fruits accent a warm pumpkin muffin aroma. Great things happen when you treat your pet with Fruitables! Love life together.

  • Gnawtlers – Premium Elk Antlers For Dogs, Naturally Shed Elk Antlers

    $19.99 $9.99

    USA ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS SMALL is sized for Dogs 5-20lbs, such as a Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshunds, and Shih Tzus. The length of the Small Gnawtler elk antlers is 4″. The small dog bone is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers for the little guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes or house. Small Gnawtlers are great for medium size dogs when they are teething puppies!

  • Gourmet Christmas Dog Treats – 11 Oz. Tub

    Out of stock

    This gift box of treats is the perfect size for your favorite canine’s Christmas stocking or under the tree. With approximately 65 cookies in each box, your pup will be happy for the entire holiday season. All treats from Claudia’s Canine Bakery are made in a professional facility in Maumelle, Arkansas in the heart of the USA.

  • Greenies Grain Free Dental Dog Treats

    $36.99 $30.99

    As the top vet-recommended dental chew,* GREENIES Grain Free Dog Dental Chews provide a daily treat while controlling plaque, tartar buildup and bad dog breath. Our natural dog chews are made without grain and come in a Regular size for pets 25-50 pounds. These healthy dog dental treats are made from natural ingredients, including chickpeas and potato, that are safe to digest, care for your dog’s teeth and taste great.

  • GREENIES PILL POCKETS Chicken Flavor Treats for Dogs

    $19.99 $16.99

    Pets are smart about avoiding their meds, but you’re smarter. Designed and recommended by vets, GREENIES PILL POCKETS Treats for Dogs make it easy to give your dog medicine.

  • GREENIES Weight Management Dental Dog Treats

    $32.99 $27.99

    Dogs with bad breath could be showing signs of oral health issues. As the top vet-recommended dental chew,* GREENIES Weight Management Dog Dental Chews provide a weight-friendly, low-fat treat while controlling plaque, tartar buildup and bad dog breath. Our natural dog chews with added vitamins and minerals come in a TEENIE Size for overweight or less active dogs 5-15 pounds.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Dog Soft Savories Treats

    $4.99 $4.75

    Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories Beef & Cheddar dog treats are delicious, natural and made from only the best ingredients. The soft and tender texture paired with a medley of fun rich flavors will make a dog happy. No corn, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  • Jim Hodges Dog Training – Grade A Premium Quality Elk Antlers for Dogs


    These Grade A Premium Elk Antlers, are long lasting natural alternatives to Chew Toys, Bully Sticks, Bones, Jerky Treats, Rawhides – Made in USA – All Sizes Whole & Split.

  • Merrick Texas Hold em’s Lamb Lung Fillets Treats for Dogs, 12-Ounce

    $23.99 $22.09

    Lamb Lung Fillets Treats for Dogs No artificial Ingredients Made in the USA with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

    $6.99 $4.33

    With a limited number of premium protein and carbohydrate sources, these nutritious, all natural dog treats make an excellent addition to a limited ingredient diet.

    These anytime dog treats are also designed to support your dog’s digestive health, and they have a delicious taste and crunchy texture that dogs love.

  • Natural Rawhide Chips for Dogs | Bulk Rawhide Dog Treats


    Satisfy your furry companion with a delicious and long lasting chew. Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. Rawhides are a natural way to satisfy your dog’s chewing instincts while strengthening the muscles that support their jaws. Naturally promotes plaque plus tartar reduction. Ideal for active, aggressive chewers.

  • Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks -100% All-Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range


    Nature Gnaws comes from free-range, grass fed, all-natural beef. That’s it. No added flavors, chemicals or preservatives.

  • NaturVet – Cranberry Relief Plus Echianecea Soft Chew

    $13.88 $12.99

    NaturVet Cranberry Relief Plus Echinacea Helps Support a Healthy Urinary Tract and Support Optimal Bladder Function.

    Specially formulated with Echinacea to provide essential immune support to help maintain overall health.

  • Newman’s Own Organics Premium Dog Treats (Pack of 6)


    For the past 20 years, Newman’s Own Organics has been offering Great Tasting Products That Happen to Be Organic. You can feel good about feeding our premium dog treats to your beloved dog as they are made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In fact, our Premium Peanut Butter Dog Treats use organic grains, vegetables and natural peanut butter. Our formulas are 70% organic and do not contain wheat or corn.

  • Nylabone Holiday Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy


    Summer Holiday Dura Chews are made from the same tough, durable nylon as all Dura Chews and are designed for powerful chewers and naturally satisfies the urge to chew.

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