AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate (Double Door)


Dog crate with double-door design for convenient front and side entry. Two slide-bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security. Sturdy metal construction; folds flat for easy storage/portability. Designed with mini dividers (1.35 cm between each bar) on bottom perimeter to prevent paws from slipping through. Optional divider panel and removable composite plastic pan included.

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Ideal for both puppies and adult dogs, the AmazonBasics double-door folding metal crate offers exceptional convenience. Use the metal dog crate for anything from potty training or house training to reinforcing house rules and boundaries–or simply as a safe, secure place for your pooch to rest and relax.

Choose a crate that will comfortably accommodate your adult dog or the size of your puppy once fully grown.

Double Door Design

The AmazonBasics metal dog crate features two swing-open doors–a traditional door on the front and a second door on the side. This double-door design provides easier access to your pet and keeps everything within reach when cleaning or arranging bedding. Two slide-bolt latches on each door help ensure safe and secure containment.


  • Optional: Single or Double Door Design
  • 22 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 30 inch
  • 36 inch
  • 42 inch
  • 48 inch


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