dailydose Dual Benefit – Dental + Heart Health Chews for Dogs

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  • Vet approved, and pet approved treat
  • Co-enzyme Q protects against cell damage and supports the heart
  • A dental chew and a heart health supplement

+ Does not hinder my dog’s digestion (no change to stool)
+ Fresh doggy breath
+ Made in the USA

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  • DAILYDOSE MEDIUM SIZE Dual Benefit Heart Health + Dental chews contain 15 chews per bag. Made for dogs 22 to 66 lbs.
  • 2 HEALTHY HABITS, 1 TASTY TREAT: A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Our dual benefit treats are uniquely designed to support both dental hygiene and full-body health.

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  • VET APPROVED, PET APPROVED: Your dog thinks it’s a treat. But you know it’s a treatment, formulated by vets to support great health for years to come.
  • OUTER LAYER SUPPORTS A HEALTHY SMILE: Our patented dental formula, derived from Honey Bee Royal Jelly, breaks down plaque and tartar on teeth and gums, while the chew itself acts as a delicious, edible toothbrush.
  • DAILY SUPPLEMENTS TO SUPPORT HEART HEALTH: Co-enzyme Q protects against cell damage and supports the muscle function of the heart, while krill adds a powerful antioxidant for a healthy circulatory system.

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Heart Health Ingredients

Krill: A tiny crustacean, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, krill are the chosen dish for many large sea creatures, and it’s no wonder: This shrimp-like superfood gets good fats and antioxidants through cell membranes efficiently and effectively, powering healthy cells and healthy bodies.

Co-enzyme Q: A naturally-occurring substance in the body that protects against cell damage and supports hard-working muscles, like the heart. In active or senior dogs, the body may not produce enough Co-enzyme Q, so additional support is needed

L-Carnitine: A naturally-occurring amino acid that helps boost energy and support heart function and muscle movement.

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