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Is your dog a chewing champion? Your Jack Russell, Pit Bull and Dachshund all love to play for hours. This 100% Cotton Non-toxic Giraffe Rope Chew Toys for every times the pleasure.

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GoCooper Brand provide a wide selection of unique designer products for the most playful member of your family. All designed and made with love, although GoCooper is small and young. Dog toys will keep your four legged child busy, happy and most of all satisfy their needs. We designed our chew toy to stand up to the most aggressive chewers by making it mostly indestructible. Is your dog a chewing champion? All dogs like to chew. It relieves anxiety but it also fulfills physiological needs such as exercising and developing the jaw, as well as teething for younger dogs and from your pets perspective it’s play time. It’s fun to gnaw and shred stuff and they can be puzzled by your dismay. Certain breeds just love to destroy your belongings. Your Jack Russell, Pit Bull and Dachshund all love to play for hours. What you need is to find appropriate toys that your furry hound can play with without destroying your possessions or endangering themselves. This 100% Cotton Non-toxic Giraffe Rope Chew Toys for every times the pleasure.


  • The rope chew toy feature solid knots that helps clean dog’s teeth and improve dental health
  • Purely cotton made, non-toxic dyeing
  • Helps strengthen bond between you and your dog, build self esteem and makes obedience training
  • Giraffe chew toy measures 8-inch length, 5.5- inch width
  • Caution: Please note that this is a sturdy 100% cotton rope, but there is no such a thing

Additional information

Weight0.3 oz
Dimensions8 × 5.5 × 2 in

2 reviews for GoCooper Rope Chew Toy

  1. Elly

    A favorite with my dog

    My dog loves this toy. She’s a 60lb mixed breed (definitely some Lab, some Great Dane, probably some Pitt), 21 months old. We’ve had it a couple of months and she’s reduced it to just the neck, and for her this is a long-lasting toy (she once ate the arm off a couch). She loves to play tug with it, and will even play with it by herself. Once she’s completely destroyed it, I’ll buy her another one.

  2. Wendy

    Lasts fairly well, VERY GOOD toy compared to others!

    My dogs (German shepherd and a boxer/mastiff) DESTROY every toy in seconds. Yes, seconds. Then I have plastic squeaker and cotton filling everywhere and $5-$10 down the drain.
    I begrudgingly gave these a try because they love toys sooooo much, and I hadn’t bought any in a long time.

    Months later they’re still around and still very loved. They’re not in their original forms, but oh well! The giraffe fell apart the easiest. It’s in two pieces and they both look like a knot with long, loose rope flapping everywhere. (But it seems to be the choice toy too.)
    The elephant is coming unraveled a bit but is mostly in tact. The horse is almost completely still horse-like! If I could, I’d take off half a star because bits of rope do come off and wind up on my floor (not nearly as much as the cotton stuffing tho) and in their poop! So far I haven’t had any super long poop strings, but I’m preparing myself for that possibility.

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