KONG – Rubber Flyer Dog Toy

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The KONG flyer is the world’s best soft flexible flyer. Made with durable natural rubber, the flyer is safe for teeth and gums. This disc out-soars the competition.

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The KONG Flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market. Made with durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer is safe for teeth and gums. If your dog loves to fetch and catch, then the Flyer is the best, safest product for play.

Exercise your dog in a safe, fun way using the KONG Flyer. It features accurate flight and the durable rubber creates a soft catch meaning your dog will want to catch it again and again!


  • Great for dog training
  • Safe for dog teeth and gums
  • Durable and long lasting material

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1 review for KONG – Rubber Flyer Dog Toy

  1. Cowgirl

    My German Shepherd’s favorite toy! Also great training tool…

    Absolutely Amazing! He plays with it from dawn to dusk -chewing, tugging, retrieving. It doesn’t get old to him. Best of all, its soft on his teeth, so no damage there! 😀 Since chewing through the last several rope toys, I have been using it to play tug of war with him and its held up incredibly well -no teeth marks, punctures, rips, or being stretched out. Because of this its great as a training tool -redirecting attention while on walks, as a reward for following commands, playing scent/brain games with, etc. and folds nicely into his backpack when we’re finished.
    Its comfortable in your hand, easy to throw, and travels relatively straight and far (roughly 75+ feet when not doing a light toss). After purchasing I thought I might have needed to buy the Extreme version, but agree with other reviewers that this one feels much stronger and tougher than the material of the black ones.
    After weeks of heavy, near-continual use there are no signs of wear. It washes up nicely with a little water (after being buried or flung through mud), and has most certainly lasted longer than his last (hard plastic) Frisbee. He is a medium/heavy chewer, making wood chips out of a good number of logs since we’ve gotten him, but this I expect to have in his toy box a good long time. I highly recommend!

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