Nerf – Dog Spiral Squeak Football

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The Nerf dog 5 inch Spiral Squeak Football will entertain your dog for hours on end. Great for fetch, or solo play sessions. The durable rubber body has ridges that make gripping it easy. It withstands extended chewing. The toy has an interactive squeaking sound that dogs love.

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Nerf is an award winning dog toy company. These toys are optimized for durability and performance. The toy materials ensure a safe, high-quality toy. Make your pet a Nerf Dog!


  • Easy-grip spiral football
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Makes an interactive squeaky sound
  • 5 inches long

2 reviews for Nerf – Dog Spiral Squeak Football

  1. Eric Anderson

    Great dog toy!

    This is a great dog toy! It is made of durable rubber and has a squeaker. The spiral grooves on the outside make it exceptionally easy to throw. The football shape makes it bounce erratically, so the dog has to keep his eyes on it. My terrier destroys almost all the toys we give him, but this seems almost indestructible. I have taken it to the dog park 5 or 6 times, and even the larger dogs have not bitten through it. Great dog toy!

  2. Jeffrey

    Virtually indestructible

    I have a Boxer-Pit Bull whose goal in life is to destroy all dog toys! Plush toys and knotted ropes last 10 minutes. Even Kong toys don’t last. She loves balls, and I’ve found that REAL tennis balls do last a few months. I didn’t have much hope for Nerf, but a friend got her one of these for Christmas and it’s still alive! It still squeaks!!!

    Nerf usually means light, soft, squishy foam rubber. These are made of a very thick, heavy, durable and forgiving rubber. They do not bounce, they are no good for throwing indoors or playing catch. They would most certainly take out a window or Mom’s favorite vase. But the dog can chew on it for hours and do it no harm. We roll them across the floor indoors (as opposed to tossing or throwing). The footballs wobble when they roll. She loves it!

    I’ve also purchased the round balls. Slightly larger, but made of the same material, they too have managed to survive aggressive chewing.

    I haven’t needed to think about replacing any of these yet, but based on how long they’ve lasted so far, I would definitely purchase them again.

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