Pets Are Kids Too - Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

Pets Are Kids Too – Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

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We don’t just love our pets. We’re their parents. We realize they depend on us everyday for their care, and at PETS ARE KIDS TOO we treat our pets just like our favorite people – with the utmost love and respect.

So we realize there’s nothing worse than living with an uncomfortable, itchy, sad four legged friend. Yet we struggled to find a dog shampoo that didn’t damage their skin or destroy their coat. That’s why we developed an all-natural, organic, vegan baking soda and oatmeal dog shampoo that requires NO COMPROMISES – NO CHEMICALS and NO ADDITIVES. PERIOD.


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Best Way To Cure Dry Itchy Skin in Dogs & Cats – Leaves Pet Smelling & Looking Great! ALL NATURAL & Hypoallergenic. Soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamins & Conditioner!


  • MOST ALL NATURAL PET SKIN CARE PRODUCTS leave your pet itchy, flaky, frizzy, stinky or covered in hives (ouch!) PETS ARE KIDS TOO developed our Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs & cats with the UTMOST RESPECT for your pets, because WE BELIEVE your pet is a loving member of your family and DESERVES the BEST ALL NATURAL, HYPOALLERGENIC care for their skin and fur coat. So you can buy with 100% confidence knowing this VET RECOMMENDED formulation will leave your pets soft, itch free and smelling great!
  • EVEN PETS THAT LOOK healthy can suffer from a variety of skin and fur related conditions like dandruff and hives, often triggered by pet products – making the need for a natural pet shampoo crucial to your pets (and your) happiness! So you’ll feel happy when you realize that our Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo is made of the HIGHEST QUALITY Oatmeal and Baking Soda (even higher quality than the stuff you use to bake!) meaning your pet gets INSTANT RELIEF from DRY, ITCHY SKIN – GUARANTEED.

Pets Are Kids Too - Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

  • PEOPLE SAY JUST LOOK AT THAT shiny, naturally lustrous coat! In fact, customer say “My pet looks like they just came home from a day at the pup spa WITHOUT THE STEEP PRICE TAG” and when your pet looks great, and more toucheably soft, they’ll GET MORE PETS. Making them the happiest pup on the block. Best of all, we NEVER COMPROMISE, meaning there are NO CHEMICALS, NO ALCOHOL, NO DETERGENT, NO ADDITIVES and NONE OF THE BAD STUFF seeping into your pets skin! 100% Organic & MADE IN THE USA!
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED TO WORK WITH YOUR PET’S NATURAL cycle: Just like your hair, your pet’s hair can frequently become loose and fall out. What you may not realize yet, is that the health of your pet’s skin determines the softness and strength of their fur. Our all-natural cat and dog anti itch shampoo & conditioner helps the SKIN RETAIN ITS NATURAL HEALTHY OILS while SOFTENING the fur – REDUCING HAIR BREAKAGE and PROMOTING overall SILKY, SMOOTH FUR that SMELLS FANTASTIC!
  • YOUR PURCHASE DIRECTLY HELPS SAVE A PET’S LIFE: 10% of all profits from our anti itch dog shampoo go directly to help an individual pet with cancer. We call this the “Indy Fund” – named after Pets Are Kids Too’s founder’s dog Indy (yes, short for Indiana Jones) who passed away as a puppy due to a medical condition. Please check your email after purchase to see a picture of a pet whose life you helped save! All Pets Are Kids Too products come with a LIFETIME Guarantee!

Pets Are Kids Too - Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo


Because we included JUST THE RIGHT COMBINATION to guarantee maximum itch relief and skin soothing benefits, you’ll SEE RESULTS the FIRST TIME YOU USE IT.


Customers say “It smells delicious!” with an aroma that SOOTHES even the feistiest pets during bath time. And because we use 100% organic baking soda, it’s guaranteed to leave your pet smelling CLEAN and NATURAL for days or even weeks.


Dogs, Cats, Hamsters and Rabbits, yes! Because it contains ZERO Alcohol, Sulphates, Added Colors, or Harsh Chemicals – just all natural goodness.


If you’re looking for the best pet oatmeal shampoo to condition your dog or cats hair and skin, you’ll want to click Add to Cart now. We promise you’ll feel 100% satisfied under our KIDS ARE PETS TOO guarantee, or your money back – no questions asked.

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2 reviews for Pets Are Kids Too – Premium Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

  1. Amazon Customer

    we do love this shampoo

    we do love this shampoo. i washed the dog with it the first day we got it because, as my husband loves to remind me, the dog smells. his fur is soft and his coat is shiny, but he does tend to be a little stinky. probably because he loves and i mean LOVES to roll in the grass. extra points if it’s really stinky grass or leaves or other animal’s poop. I know the dog liked this shampoo because he didn’t go out and find a big ol pile of skat the minute he was released to the out of doors. he’s not a total outdoor dog he loves his house and his sofa but God forbid he smell like a city boy. the shampoo smell is pleasant but mild. which is important to captain rogers. if he smells too strong he can’t sneak up on the rabbits/moles he likes to hunt. not to be all game of thones here, but Winter is coming. harder to hunt…thank goodness.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great product, even BETTER company!

    This stuff works great and smells great too…but the best part is the personal touch from the company and the ability to help a dog in need. When we received our shampoo, we had the opportunity to tell the company if we wanted them to donate on our behalf to a dog or cat in need. This week, we received a card telling us which dog our purchase helped (included a cute picture too!)

    Knowing that our purchase helped another fur-baby definitely makes me want to come back to Pets Are Kids Too for our next purchase!

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