The Divinity of Dogs- Music to Calm Dogs and the People Who Love Them


  • 51 minutes of calming music for dogs

Playing this CD on a low level, almost 24/7, was the only thing that consistently calmed my old dog at end of his life.

I read that senior dogs can get anxious at night, knowing they are not at the top of their game anymore. My dog seemed to fit that description, whining, pacing, and being unable to settle down. Whenever I played this music for him, he was able to relax and go to sleep. It was definitely a cause and effect! 

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  • Includes 13 songs for a total of 51 minutes
  • 4.6 out of 5 rating (200+ reviews)

Sleep soundly dear doggies:

I do some work transporting dogs from high kill situations to foster homes available elsewhere in the country. Within 5 minutes of putting this CD on in my car, puppies and older dogs alike were sacked out sleeping. So nice to see these creatures have some moments of safety.

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If I could give it 100+ stars I would:

This is the absolute best CD ever recorded for humans and dogs. This is my 2nd order for this CD. I have had my first CD for almost 2 yrs and it is played EVERY night when I go to bed. It puts my lab to sleep within minutes and I’m not far behind catching my zzzz’s. I downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad so that when I travel I am never without my soothing music. Purely amazing music!!!

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